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Adjustable Plastic Seals: Nailing that look – with the right security seal!

There is always that moment in life when you go “this is it!” – that moment when you know it is show time. And there’s quite many of them – that pitch which you know you must nail, hook or crook, that heartthrob whom you must sweep off her feet or that interview that you know you must nail at all costs – we could
go on and on but whatever it is, nine times out of ten, it will start off with the right look – which will just not be ‘it’ without the right necktie, or the right heels.
Indeed, they come in all shapes and colors, but that knot around your neck, just about seals your entire package, setting you off with a spring in your step,
brimming with confidence.

That is the confidence and assurance all shippers in business seek on every shipment – and applying the right security seal is a sure way to start off.

Key accessories to every shipment, security seals are inconspicuous devices that prevent unauthorized access attempts, breach, theft and adulteration during transit. They protect the integrity of the shipment, ensure brand integrity and provide assurance that everything is intact.Adjustable Plastic Seals:

Now there are about as many types of security seals as there are neckties – probably more – but adjustable plastic security seals just tend to rise to any occasion. You (almost) can never go wrong. For one thing, they are, like the name suggests, adjustable. This enables them to adjust to the correct tension level. A little loose, a little taut, tight-shut – the works. Adjustable security seals allow for flexible application.

Versatility and Customization

Adjustable plastic seals provide visible and salient deterrents to tampering. They are available in various shapes, lengths and tensile strengths, making them applicable to diverse sealing operational requirements. They are also manufactured in numerous colors to align with various brand identities. In addition,
adjustable plastic seals usually have wide signage flags on which logos, text and numbering can be printed, making them easily customizable. For many
companies, brand visibility is just as important as brand integrity – and adjustable plastic seals simply make the cut.

Adjustable plastic seals uses

Cost, Efficiency and Removal

Like many other costs, security seals are an overhead that needs to be kept in check. In addition, this cost should, whenever possible, not only be justified but also redeemable. Primarily manufactured from polypropylene, adjustable or pull-tite security seals are very cost effective. And while the cost of the risk


associated with operating without seals always justifies their cost, the benefits of using them far outweigh their cost making it almost negligible. Plus, they are quite efficient – leaving no room for undetected access – and are quite easy to remove. Often made with tear-off strips, they are easily removable by hand
or a simple sniping tool.


They might be adjustable, alright, but pull-tite security seals clearly don’t make for the best of neck-ties. But they make for the best sealing solution almost
everywhere else. When we order anything online, it almost certainly was shipped under seal – global logistics and security seals are as thick as thieves. Cargo containers on the high seas, trucks on our highways, our utility meters, emergency services, cash in transit, air-cargo as well as the meals that make our flight experiences so memorable (ahem! pun intended), all these require security seals and 90% of them will be adjustable plastic security seals.

Adjustable Plastic Seals application


#1. Are adjustable plastic seals re-usable?

No, no and NO! They cannot be. The power of a security seal lies in its ability to remain in the same state unless tampered with. Plastic security seals are single use, destructible on removal and are definitely not reusable. There are reusable seals however, in fact, in an effort to be more eco-friendly, this is likely to bethe trend. But these always employ two components: a re-usable base or plug, which is usually feminine and nonreusable plug, or the masculine component, which is never reusable.

#2. Can adjustable plastic seals withstand extreme weather conditions?

They might not look like it but plastic security seals are extremely resilient. They operate in temperatures as low as -40⁰F and as high as 258⁰F. If that’s not extreme, please tell me what is.

#3. How do I choose the right security seal for my operations?

When choosing an adjustable plastic security seal, it is always advisable to consider factors such as the intended application, required strength, length, and any specific customization needs. Consulting with a trusted supplier or manufacturer can help you select the most suitable option.

#4. Can adjustable plastic seals be monitored?

Usually, this is not necessary since the carrier on which the seal is applied is already tracked. But there are a few plastic security seals equipped with RFID chips. These are obviously more pricy, but yes, they can be tracked.

#5. Are adjustable plastic seals compliant with industry standards?

Security seals are designed to meet one of three ISO 17712 classes of strength or barrier capacity: “I” or Indicative, “S” for Security and “H” for High Security. Most adjustable plastic seals conform to the “I” class.


Adjustable plastic security seals provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for protecting valuable assets in various industries. So whether it’s securing shipments, protecting sensitive medical supplies adjustable plastic security seals are a trusted choice for businesses worldwide. So as you step out to nail that look to secure that pitch, let your business step out in tow with the right
security seal on..

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